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It was born as a small Osteria,  daily reference point for travelers and villagers who gathered here to taste the traditional dishes of the Marche cuisine or for a snack with friends, following the television and radio broadcasts of the time.  


The menu satisfies all palates with regional appetizers, first courses such as the famous wild boar or truffle-based sauce and, finally, the undisputed star, his majesty, the grilled meat. Once inside the restaurant, it is impossible not to notice the historic fireplace with embers that is always lit every day of the year.  

marchigiana sarnano ristorante

The Compagnucci family has been aiming for product quality for over 60 years,  and in fact the selection of meats (local, national and international) still takes place today with great care, to always ensure optimal aging and a controlled supply chain along each production phase. Finally, the menu is completed with homemade desserts, simple and tasty to follow the family tradition once again.  


The values have in fact been handed down from generation to generation, up to the current young management who jealously preserved the recipes of their great-grandmother and carefully maintained the historic grill over time. Every day at “La Marchigiana” it is in fact possible to taste the timeless grilled meat (Fiorentina, Tagliata, Grigliata Mista), traditional egg pasta, cold cuts and local cheeses, as well as the precious truffle, excellence of the territory.  


For romantic dinners, tasting menus and for the classic Sunday lunch, "La Marchigiana" awaits you to welcome you and let you discover the best of the Marche identity and culinary tradition.

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